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Active Ingredient: Anastrozole

Arimidex is an effective and fairly safe drug used for adjunctive therapy of hormone positive breast cancer. The drug does not have androgenic activity and does not affect the secretion of aldosterone and cortisol, which means that during treatment there is no need for replacement therapy with steroid hormones.

All you need to know about Arimidex

Not only women, but also men are characterized by problems with hormones and genitals.

It is important not to be negligent in your health, but to go to the hospital on time for diagnosis and treatment.

And modern methods of medicine, drugs can solve any problem in a matter of months.

Regarding universal products, Arimidex will be good for all genders in various fields of application, the main thing is to understand the specifics and dosage.

Pharmachologic effect

A drug such as Arimidex is classified as an antitumor drug that inhibits estrogen synthesis.

But these are not all the properties of the tablets, because they convert androstenedione in women, during menopause, into estradiol due to the effect on hormones, the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus.

If we talk about breast oncology, then the drug Arimidex has a general therapeutic effect.

You do not need to use additional funds like corticosteroids, because the tablets do not have inherent androgenic and estrogenic properties and patients will not encounter a jump in weight, the appearance of hair, or a change in hormonal levels.

In addition, Arimidex tablets improve connective tissue, bone density, but do not affect the level of lipids in the blood or urine.

Indications for use

Since the drug Arimidex is a universal remedy, both men and women can use it.

This can be not only the treatment of problems in the functioning of the genitals, but also therapy, prevention, improvement of physical fitness, and the period of rehabilitation after plastic surgery.

For women

For women, the drug Arimidex is prescribed in several cases:

  • if breast cancer is detected during menopause;
  • in the treatment of cancer after menopause and menopause;
  • for the prevention of breast cancer a few months after taking matoxifen;
  • to stabilize the hormonal background;

In rare cases, Arimidex tablets can be used to maintain physical fitness during rehabilitation after surgery on the chest or genitals. But this is done only under the supervision of a doctor.

For men

Men use Arimidex tablets to increase testosterone levels, stimulate muscle development, and hairline.

Although then you need to develop an individual course of taking Arimidex tablets with a reduced dosage and related drugs.


Remember that the drug Arimidex, like other medical devices, cannot be prescribed if there are a number of contraindications, which are immediately reported to your doctor.

We are talking about the presence of such problems:

  • intolerance to some components of the drug Arimidex;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding time;
  • renal or liver failure;
  • the use of drugs such as tamoxifen, estrogen-containing;
  • adolescent and children’s age of patients;

But these are not all the problems and diseases in which you need to be careful when treating Arimidex tablets, because ischemia, liver dysfunction, osteoporosis, glucose imbalance can indicate a ban on taking tablets.

Drug interaction

According to studies that were conducted with a combination of Arimidex and antipyrine tablets, you can use the drug with most other medicines without harm to the body and the appearance of allergies, adverse reactions.

The only thing you need to be careful with is other antitumor agents and estrogen-containing drugs that can reduce the effectiveness of Arimidex tablets.

The same prohibition applies to tamoxifen, since co-administration reduces the results, can cause allergies and increase the burden on the body.

Arimidex and alcohol

Regarding the interaction of Arimidex tablets and alcohol, no studies have been conducted, therefore, the reaction of the body can not be said.

But it is better to abandon the combination of alcohol and the drug, as this causes a strain on the heart, kidneys and liver, which can exacerbate chronic diseases. The combination also causes drowsiness, nausea and vomiting.

Dosage and overdose

The dosage and duration of treatment with Arimidex can only be prescribed by the attending physician after a series of tests.

Much depends on the problem, symptoms, age and gender of the patient.

The standard dosage is 1 tablet (1 mg) per day for two to three months. Sometimes the course can be three to five years, in the case of adjuvant therapy.

An overdose of Arimidex tablets is extremely rare, but even then only reactions similar to the side effects are observed:

  • vomiting
  • nausea;
  • stomach ache;
  • dizziness;
  • bleeding.

Instructions for use

You can take tablets only inside, usually one tablet per day, one hour before or after a meal, drinking plenty of water.

Patients with liver and kidney dysfunction may follow the standard dosage without correction, supervision by a doctor.

Although inpatient examinations and tests need to be passed to all patients.

If you are interested in how to take Arimidex before or after a meal, then it is better to check with your doctor, especially in the case of men and an increase in testosterone levels.

Side effects

More than 80% of patients taking Arimidex are prone to adverse reactions that are divided into rare, frequent, very frequent, infrequent and very rare.

So we are talking about such manifestations:

  • arthritis and joint pain;
  • vaginal bleeding, discharge, or dryness of the vaginal mucosa;
  • skin rashes and scabies;
  • hives;
  • vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea;
  • hepatitis;
  • migraines, fatigue and weakness;
  • anorexia, metabolic disorder;

The appearance of symptoms should be reported to the doctor, especially if they do not go away for more than five days. Then the course can be changed, canceled, and the drug Arimidex replaced by another.

Special instructions

When treating women during or after menopause, confirmatory results must be obtained before starting Arimidex.

If bleeding and vaginal discharge continue, then you need to inform your doctor about this, and when using other estrogenic drugs, it may decrease the effectiveness of Arimidex tablets.

In the presence of chronic diseases of the joints, bones, kidneys and liver, additional therapy and treatment of problems should be carried out.

Arimidex Price

Speaking about the price of Arimidex, you will have to pay about $ 100 for packing 28 tablets, although the cost may vary, depending on the online pharmacy.

Breast cancer is the most common of many types of cancerous tumors in the female half of humanity. As a rule, this disease is found in every ninth woman under the age of forty-five years and in every thirteen – from the age of fifty-five.

The treatment is complicated by the fact that the cancer spreads through the body through the lymphatic system through the formation of metastases. If this disease is detected in the early stages, a positive treatment with remission is possible.

But it also happens that after undergoing several courses of chemotherapy, prolonged use of concomitant drugs, it turns out that the treatment is incorrectly selected. Each type of cancer has its own treatment protocols depending on the age and course of the disease.

To determine the method of treatment, tests are carried out, the main of which is cytology. Only after this is it possible to receive adequate treatment. One of the main problems in the choice of drugs is the possibility of side effects on the female genital organs, eyesight, liver and kidneys, as well as bone tissue.

Identification of a hormone-dependent type of cancer leads to treatment with hormone antagonists, one of which is Arimidex.

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