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buy lady era online

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Active Ingredient: Sildenafil

Lady Era is designed for women to achieve intense sexual gratification.

The physiology of a woman is trickier than that of a man, so it is very difficult for women to enjoy the intimacy. They cannot have sexual zeal due to countless psychological and physiological disorders. Lubricant production is interrupted, the body is not prepared for sexual intercourse, pain occurs during intimacy, and hatred of sex develops. The female Viagra – Lady Era will help you here.

Lady Era for effective sex

One of the simple and effective ways to make your sex life as colorful as possible is to use female Viagra – a drug based on sildenafil, developed specifically for the treatment of sexual disorders in women. The difficulty in achieving orgasm is experienced by many women. Such a situation can arise both for ladies of elegant age and for young women.

In this case, it is recommended to resort to the use of Lady-Era – a product called Viagra for women. As with the drug for men, a substance called sildenafil is used here. Its effectiveness in treating sexual problems has been proven by clinical research and many years of practical experience. Female Viagra operates in several directions:

  • The drug enhances sex drive and the willingness to have sex, which removes the psychological barriers of insecure women, allows you to tune in the right way;
  • Due to improved blood circulation, the sensitivity of intimate and erogenous zones increases, so the sensations become more vivid, the duration of sexual intercourse increases.

Experts also note such a positive factor from the use of Lady-Era, as lack of addiction and the ability of a woman to further experience relaxation without additional stimulation. The female body remembers those sensations that arise at the peak of satisfaction, and subsequently again causes them in moments of intimate communication.

How does the drug work?

The drug begins its effective action after natural excitation begins. That is, after the man begins to caress his partner, speak pleasant words, gently touch. The drug allows you to increase blood flow in the small pelvis, thereby making the excitement brighter and stronger, since the sensitivity increases and all intimate zones respond more strongly to touch. A woman will be able to feel the touch of each finger, and then desire and passion will no longer be able to keep her from intimacy.

As a result of taking the drug, the genitals of a woman also become as sensitive as possible. And every time a partner touches an intimate place, this will cause an even greater wave of excitement. Thanks to this tool, every woman will be able to get incredible pleasure and experience unforgettable orgasms. Now, in order to enjoy sexual intercourse, you will not need long preparation, you can be ready to have fun.

Indications for use

The recommendation to buy Lady Era is given to women who have difficulties in their sexual lives. Direct indications for the use of the drug can be considered:

  • decreased libido and unwillingness to have sex;
  • decreased sensitivity of erogenous zones;
  • difficulty with arousal;
  • inability to relax and distract from everyday worries.

Lady Era tablets increase sexuality and sex drive, fill a faded relationship with passion. The effectiveness of the stimulant is manifested in women of different ages, including those who have faced the onset of menopause and / or underwent surgical intervention in the female sphere.

How to use Lady Era?

Before starting sexual intercourse, it is recommended to take one tablet.

After that, the pleasure of sex is provided to you.

Take the pill half an hour before sexual intercourse.

Drink the drug using a glass of water.

It is best that this water be boiled.

Release form: packing on four tablets.